Lynne Strom-Berg, M.A. is a musician, educator and artist. Raised in Los Altos Hills, she has worked as a composer, arts administrator and educator throughout the bay area for over 30 years. In her early career, she collaborated with health professionals and composers, successfully producing and selling her original music and fitness products internationally. After becoming a mother, she focused her creative energy on arts education. Uniting her passions of music, movement and art she worked as a teacher and trainer reaching hundreds of children and adults with her awarding winning programing. As a mosaic artist she is reflective of her interdisciplinary past, making work rooted in personal memory and connections to the people and places she has loved and lost. In this fragmented world with more disconnection and waste, mosaic art allows her to unite what is broken, creating something new, healing and cohesive. By joining discarded fragments of mirror, wood, pottery and found objects the shattered becomes whole again. Her art becomes a pathway to share and embrace the human mosaic and move towards happiness and emotional well-being.

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